Offsite Charlie Lot Municipal Parking

Charlie Lot Parking

Located 3 1/2 blocks away (about an 8-minute walk) at Charlie Lot Municipal Parking on Atlantic Ave between 8th & 9th Streets. Note that this is the nearest lot that allows overnight parking. Space is limited and advance reservation is required. A non-refundable reduced rate parking fee is $23.50+ tax ($28.50 without advance reservation) for 24 hours unlimited access, will be charged to your room. To order, reply to your confirmation email and request parking. Your space is available from 12 noon of arrival date to 12 noon of departure date. A parking confirmation will be emailed to you before your arrival. THERE IS NOTHING TO PRINT. Please reply to the confirmation with make, model and color of your vehicle. Inn is not responsible for loss or damages.

For off-peak season, we suggest regular street parking around the Inn.