Breakfast Phase-Out & Suggested Restaurants

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Breakfast has been indefinitely discontinued. Covid-19 indoor dining guidelines restrict us greatly from serving our popular breakfast. May we suggest the following walking-distance restaurants for breakfast:


Brown’s restaurant on the Boardwalk, 609-391-0677

Oves Reastaurant on the Boardwalk, 609-398-3712

Cafe Beach Club on the Boardwalk, 609-398-7700

ON ASBURY AVE (Downtown)

Jon & Patty’s Bistro on Asbury Ave, 609-399-3377

Arlene’s on Asbury Ave, 609-399-3639

ON 8TH Street:

Surf Cafe at 8th St, 609-391-9555

Ready’s Coffee Shop & Restaurant on 8th St,  609-399-4418

Varsity Inn on 8th St, 609-399-1500