Breakfast Phase-Out & Suggested Restaurants

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We are restricted from serving indoors due to Covid-19 rules. Breakfast service can only be served at three tables on our veranda in pleasant weather. For bookings made after August 18, breakfast will not be an option. We suggest the following restaurants for breakfast:


Brown’s restaurant on the Boardwalk, 609-391-0677

Oves Reastaurant on the Boardwalk, 609-398-3712

Cafe Beach Club on the Boardwalk, 609-398-7700

ON ASBURY AVE (Downtown)

Jon & Patty’s Bistro on Asbury Ave, 609-399-3377

Arlene’s on Asbury Ave, 609-399-3639

ON 8TH Street:

Surf Cafe at 8th St, 609-391-9555

Ready’s Coffee Shop & Restaurant on 8th St,  609-399-4418

Varsity Inn on 8th St, 609-399-1500

Breakfast Gratuity
If you have breakfast included in your rate (bookings prior to August 18), the value of breakfast for 2 is $34.00 and an 18% gratuity will be added to your bill. Thank you.