Please Observe!

No Coolers. In-room dining is discouraged

To ensure pest-free, stain-spill-free rooms, in-room dining is prohibited. Wine & ice buckets, scoops and corkscrews are provided in the dining room. A common beverage center is provided on the 2nd Floor hallway and is strictly intended for beverages only. All food items will be removed.

Room Damage, Stains & Extraordinary Cleaning

Please treat the Inn’s suites like your own. The fabrics used are one-of-a-kind and not easily replaced or cleaned. We may not be able to rent to the next guest if there are unremovable stains to carpeting, bed and bathroom linen. Any damage to room fixtures and furnishings as well as any loss of business will be charged to your credit card.

Smoking is Strictly Prohibited

Is not allowed in the entire building, its grounds and roofdeck. Avoid eviction and $300 fee to restore room, public area, or adjoining rooms (NOTE: our centralized AC system will carry smoke odor to other locations).

No Pets Allowed

No animals of any kind are allowed at the hotel. It is the practice of the Inn to general-clean, dry-clean drapes and linens as well as shampoo the carpet after an animal checks out of the room to ensure a dander-free suite, for which the Inn will charge a $300 cleaning/restoration fee. Pet owners are subject to eviction without refund. Service animals require written permission in advance.

Roof deck Use

Please use caution when at the rooftop deck. There are Suites adjoining to the side and below the roofdeck and noise rules are in effect.  Please clean after yourself by taking trash back to your room for collection at refresh time.

Quiet Zone, No Parties, Noise Level

Our facilities are not rented for parties. The Quiet Zone (Summer) is from 10:30 pm to 10 am, but quiet at all times is appreciated by all.

Fire Prevention & Fireplaces

Do not leave fireplace unattended in your Suite (units are switched off in the Summer). Please turn off when not in room. Candles in rooms are for decoration only.

Items Removed

Articles removed from the room will be charged to your credit card.