Cancellation Policy

We are a small inn with 14 guest rooms and cancellations affect us greatly. Therefore, we observe the cancellation policy strictly to the letter. There are no exclusions to our policy and we do not give credits for future stays.

There are no refunds or changes on single peak-night or promotional rates, including single-peak nights booked via 3rd parties (Hotelscom, Expedia, AirBnb and others). Regardless of season, all cancellations and modifications carry a min $75 fee per hotel room. Peak season begins 2 wks before Memorial Day and ends 2 wks after Labor Day. Peak weekend is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you cancel within 21 days of peak weekend season arrival, refund amount depends on whether the room re-sold, less a $100 fee (less $200 for V. Portofino and less $100 for V. Milano). You are responsible for full amount of reservation until room resells. Peak Season weeknight arrivals follow same cancellation policy terms using 14 days instead of 21 days. Off-Peak Season requires 7-day cancellation for weekends and 3-days for weeknights. Holidays and special days such as Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Easter Sunday follow peak cancellation rules.